Frequently Asked Questions

RetailFlux is a complete, unique and proven retail analytic solution for brick-and-mortar retail stores. It is based on a property video analytic technology collecting real time shopper data from the stores. The collected data is distilled and reported through RetailFlux’s reliable cloud service.
Basically, it is comprehensive, highly accurate, embedded and scalable. All of those features combined in one product makes it unique. It just gives the users what they need.
RetailFlux is a suitable solution for retailer stores, shopping malls, museums, train stations, airports, hospitality and other public places.
RetailFlux is composed of several video analytic modules including people counter, heatmap, shopper flow, zone and queue analytics. The video analytic applications are installed on a RetailFlux compatible CCTV camera located at the site. The camera application captures and analyzes real-time video feeds from the site. It detects and analyzes human movementments at the site. The data extracted by on-site cameras is stored and reported through RetailFlux Cloud Service. This service is based on Amazon’s highly available cloud infrastructure.
By using RetailFlux Cloud Service, our customers has access to advanced data analytic modules. RetailFlux reporting interface has several data visualization types including data-tables, charts, geographical maps and time-tables. Furthermore, the data can be combined with POS data to obtain more remarkable metrics such as conversion rate and visitors per unit space.
Yes, it is pretty easy task for RetailFlux. You can export any data in Excel, PDF and some common image formats.
All you need is a RetailFlux compatible CCTV camera and a valid RetailFlux license to get started.
We are partnered with several global camera brands, and you can easily obtain a compatible camera anywhere in the World. For a complete list of suppoorted hardware vendors, please visit this page.
We globally provide trial licenses for both retailers and CCTV integrators. You just need to send a trial license request to us using our contact form.
Once you contact with us, we will redirect you one of our integrator partners in your region for camera installation. If you want to install camera hardware by yourselves, it is also OK.
You can install and calibrate the software by following the instructions at RetailFlux User Manual. On the other hand, our technical support team will assist you about any questions and problems you encounter.
Yes. As long as you use RetailFlux, we will be providing technical support. Besides, our integrator partners will be helping you about on-site installation and support.