We call it "Innovative Retailing"

Just consider RetailFlux as an X-ray device for the physical retail stores.

Analogous to the medical diagnostic tools like X-ray, RetailFlux enables retailers to capture their stores' health status. RetailFlux takes clear pictures of your stores containing shopper flow, dwell times, store traffic and category penetration rates.

RetailFlux Technology Core

Testing and Optimization

Retail is a dynamic environment, which is highly variable in terms of pricing, product, shopper behaviour and trends. Therefore, constantly testing and optimizing the business decisions are crucial. With RetailFlux, you will have the essential insights to maximize your revenue as well as cutting down redundant expenses.

RetailFlux Testing

Do not waste your resources anymore, take action today!

Realize your true potential and see how further you can go.

Sell more!

Product placement and visuals used for merchandising are the major impacts affecting sales. RetailFlux offers you to identify the best and worst places of the store.

As you will have the complete knowledge of category penetration rates, you can even correlate your merchandising strategies with inventory levels and product discounts.

RetailFlux Technology
RetailFlux Optimization

Achieve complete utilization of the store

Having a homogeneous shopper flow is the best scenario for your store. As long as you keep the shoppers inside the store, you have chance to sell.

Holistic heatmaps of the shopper flow provided by RetailFlux indicate your store's utilization performance. You will be able to discover new layout plans in order to sensibly drive shopper flow.

Cut off redundant marketing spent

Revenue increase at the end of a successful campaign is the conclusion, that is, alone it does not demonstrate the marketing performance. The outcomes of retail marketing can only be measured by combining shopper behaviour with the gross sales.

RetailFlux can illustrate the effects of marketing activities on store traffic and shopper flow. Therefore, you will have exhaustive insights of missed opportunities and achieved objectives.

RetailFlux Marketing
RetailFlux Resources

Align your resources with the shopper demand

RetailFlux provides all insights you need to improve your daily retailing operations like staffing, reception and queue optimization. Since you will know temporal variation in store traffic and shopper flow, you can allocate right resources at the right time to maximize gross profit.