Built on the state of the art technologies

Transform in-store video into elusive insights

In-store CCTV systems are utilized to extract shopper activity data. RetailFlux is a plug&play platform that allows you to obtain valuable insights in a cost-effective way.

RetailFlux CCTV Camera Options

Visualize shopper behaviour

It all starts with understanding in-store shopper behaviour. RetailFlux tracks every person in the scene and generates summaries of shopper behaviour in heatmap format.

RetailFlux Shopper Behaviour Data

Different dimensions of shopper flow

The data generated by RetailFlux is comprehensive and meaningful. That is, all aspects of the shopper journey is determined including passersbys, impressions and dwell times.

RetailFlux Dwell Passersby and Impression

A technology built on the end-to-end principle

RetailFlux employs in-store video wisely. It does not transport the video to anywhere. RetailFlux Camera App analyzes the live video on the camera board. Therefore, you do not experience bandwidth throttling problems and unexpected hardware failures.

RetailFlux Embedded Technology

No privacy concerns anymore

Since your in-store video stays in the store, RetailFlux presents a totally legal way of qualifying in-store cameras. There is no records kept about shoppers' identity but only actionable insights.

RetailFlux Privacy Issues